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Creating your dream home

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At Allure Interiors, we believe that it is important that your home is your sanctuary. Whether that is a contemporary minimalist abode, coastal hamptons retreat or whatever your heart desires, we can help you bring your dream home to life. 

Our Team of Interior Designers have over 15 years experience in both Residential and Commercial Interiors and are passionate about helping you make your home, your sanctuary, that you fall in love with over and over again.

We can make your Dream Home a Realty!

Making your home your Sanctuary

the options

We can do 'as little' or 'as much' as you want... 

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Interior consult

An Interior Consult provides you with an opportunity to meet with an Interior Designer and identify what you need and want to create your dream home. 

During this meeting our Interior Designers will help you to:


  • Identify what might need to be worked on in your house to achieve your vision

  • Identify the type of furniture, decor, artwork, lighting, soft furnishings required to bring your vision to life

At the end of the Interior Consult you may wish to use all of the information and ideas you have received and go and DIY! Which is great if you are confident to do this!


OR you may decide that you would like someone to take the stress and hours of work away from you and do it for you. If that is the case we can provide an Interior Design Service on an hourly rate to design, organise and coordinate whatever it is that will bring your vision to life! The bonus of this is that we have a huge range of suppliers that we can pull from that the general public don't have access too. 

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Colour consultation

During your Colour Consultation our qualified interior designers will help you select your paint colour scheme to suit your desired look. 

When providing suggestions for paint colours, our designer will take into consideration not only your desired look, but also the existing colours and finishes that can't or won't be changed, the natural as well as artifical lighting and how this will affect the colour selections. 

We also have trusted, qualified and experience painters that we can recommend to help you realise your desired look. 

We can specify Porter's Original Paint Colours, Dulux Colours or Taubman's Colours.

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Making selections for your new home or renovation can be daunting with so many different choices and suppliers!

With a qualified Allure Interiors Designer by your side the stress is taken away. Our many years of experience and knowledge working with a huge range of materials and finishes will help you get the look and feel you want and the process becomes enjoyable and easy. We can even assist with your project home selections. 

We start with an Interiors Consultation to identify what you need and want your home to look and feel like.


Once you then have a clear vision of your look and feel, we will help you make selections in line with your vision from the suppliers specified by your builder or source finishes, fixtures and fittings from our known and trusted suppliers. 

We provide this service for both your interior and exterior selections. This service is usually provided across a few days or weeks depending on what selections need to be made and where they are being selected from. 

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Our Qualified Interior Designers have the vision to see past an older and dated property in order to breathe new life into it. Whether it is for you to stay or to sell, we can ensure that your house feels like a home. 

  • Our Renovating for Profit service is generally facelifting a property without major renovations for sale purposes. This service is ideal if you are moving out of your family home or selling it after being tenanted for a number of years and the house is looking dated and tired. 

    • Our Interior Designers will work with our trusted, qualified trades to work within your budget to help you achieve a fantastic outcome and get the highest possible sale result. ​

  • Our Renovating to Stay service can help you re-imagine your dream home in the location and street that you already love. This could include smaller renovations such as painting, new flooring, lighting and window coverings to larger renovations such as new kitchens, bathrooms, changing floor plans and even extensions. 

    • Our Interior Designers will work with you to design your dream home alongside either your trades and builders or our trusted and qualified trades and builders. ​

Design now, pay later

What if you could invest in your home now, pay much later, and celebrate forever?

Your renovations and interior styling can be put into a payment agreement with Elepay for up to 120 days!

Pay On Settlement - No Upfront Costs

No Upfront Costs

You won't need to pay anything upfront.


Pay nothing for 120 Days

Pay On Settlement - No Interest Ever

nothing to pay for 120 days

You will pay Elepay a small fee of

3.35% to 6.95% of the total cost and you have up to 120 days to pay.


Makes creating your dream home, oh so much easier!

Pay On Settlement - Easy to Apply

easy to apply

Just ask your Interior Designer to send you the link to the application.


Your application will be assessed by Elepay's standard credit approval process.

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