Keeping Cosy This Winter

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

​If you’re like me, you spend most of summer longing for the cooler months to set in and once winter finally arrives, you begin counting down the days until summer returns. Limited sunlight and warmth can turn an otherwise welcoming place into a cold and dreary space. So here are my top tips for heating, colour, fabrics, furnishings and scents that I use to warm homes.

Rugs, throws and cushions offer warmth and depth to a room - making the lounges look extra warm and inviting.
Cosy Living Room Styled by Allure Property Styling


The best way to keep your home warm is to let in as much light as possible, but too many large windows can have the opposite effect. Skylights work really well as they allow the sun to penetrate from above, but if that’s not a possibility in your home, then you need to look at other heating options.

Indoor gas and woodfire heaters and stoves create a cosy atmosphere, without the hefty price tag of a built-in fire place. Options such as the Scandia range available at Bunnings Warehouse are not only a stylish and affordable, but they are specifically designed for Australian conditions.

If you use your outdoor space a lot, then you’ll want to make sure that winter doesn’t slow your socialising down. Most new builds feature covered alfresco living spaces to encourage the blend between indoors and out. To make outdoor living spaces more useable in the cooler months an outdoor heater or fire pit, such as the Glow Tambo Cast Iron Fire Pit, priced at just $69 from Bunnings Warehouse, is ideal for a well-ventilated space as it creates the warmth that we crave, without breaking the bank. Coupled with some comfy outdoor lounges, an outdoor rug and cushions, you can create the perfect outdoor living room.


Use colours to attract and reflect sunlight coming into a space, which will then be absorbed by the darker shades in the same space.

Colour, Fabrics and Furnishings

Aside from the way that certain colours make you feel, they also can either absorb or reflect heat depending on their shade and tone. Darker colours absorb heat, while light colours reflect heat. So, you can use light colours to attract and reflect sunlight coming into a room, which will then be absorbed by the darker shades in the same room.

When you think fabrics and furnishings, think pillows, throws, rugs and curtains – all of which have incredible heat-trapping powers! Darker and thicker window treatments are great additions to winter living spaces as they give depth and add a protective layer from the winter chill. Rugs and tapestries have the same insulating effect, so the thicker the better! Photo frames, mirrors and artwork can also trap heat and insulate walls. And, as the weather warms up, you can roll up the rugs, move around the artwork, and give your room a fresh new look.


People often advise that a home should smell like cookies or coffee to have a ‘homely’ aroma, but if you’re looking for another option, try boiling some water on your stovetop for about an hour with a cinnamon stick and a few cloves. Other spices such as ginger, vanilla or orange peels, also smell beautiful and fresh. Candles and essential oils are as popular as ever, and there are some great options on the market, such as Eden River Candles, that not only produce wonderful scents, but they also make pretty ornaments. If you are looking to sell your home, citrus scents have been proven to be more enticing to buyers and even encourage higher price offers.

To get rid of odours you might like to try lightly sprinkling baking soda on your carpets and furnishings, which has odour-absorbing qualities. After about 15 minutes, simply vacuum it up. Alternatively, a small bottle of vanilla extract left open in strategic locations, will also have the same odour-busting effect.

If you’d like more inspiration for maximizing the warmth of your home in winter, head over to Allure Property Styling’s website, Facebook or Instagram pages, or get in contact by emailing

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