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Why Use a Property Stylist

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

In Real Estate, the visual appeal of a property is its number one selling point, so home owners need to make sure that their home looks its best in order to achieve the highest possible selling price.

Contrasting and Complimentary Colours bring this room together, along with the Rug and Foliage to soften the space.
Bedroom, Living and Dining Rooms Styled by Allure Property Styling

Benefits of Using a Property Stylist to Sell Your Property

When you walk into an attractive property, you are drawn to its beauty and enticed by its potential. The role of a professional property stylist is to transform spaces and places so that they can be admired, while highlighting a property’s most flattering features and taking the focus off the negative aspects.

An experienced property stylist will be able to create a look for your property that will appeal to many different buyers – not necessarily using any one particular style. Rather than focus on the latest trend, a property stylist will handpick furniture, art and decor that suits the style of property so that it looks natural, which helps buyers fall in love with properties from the moment they step foot in the front door.

Professional Property Styling Can Increase the Sale Price of a Home

Professional Styling not only increases the likelihood of a higher sale price, but it generally reduces the time that a property is on the market. Of the properties sold in May 2018 that were styled by Allure Property Styling, six sold within the first two weeks or less of being on the market. Furthermore, those going to auction sold above their reserve. In fact, one of the properties styled by Allure Property Styling sold for $300k above reserve – breaking the record in its area. This is a great result given Sydney is in a tough “buyers’ market”.

How the Styling-to-Sell Process Works

Allure Property Styling is not a one style fits all staging and property styling company. We really do love to work with owners and real estate agents to showcase a home’s full potential when it’s for sale and open for inspection – from vacant properties, through to owner-occupied dwellings.

When we look at a property to be styled for a sale, we look at the whole property – from the front yard, through to the back fence or courtyard. This is important as it creates a seamless finish, regardless of whether it is a full set up, using only our furniture, art and decor, or a partial set-up, where we use some of the client’s existing belongings.

Stylists select the style and colour for furniture, décor and artwork that best suits the property – using existing finishes and colours in the property as inspiration, while also taking into consideration the demographic of the area and the preferences of the property’s potential buyers. Stylists work closely with local real estate agents to make sure we stay well-informed of demographic changes and we ask for feedback on what people have loved, so that we continue to style in a way that suits the likings of the buyers.

Choosing a Property Stylist

When choosing a property stylist, it is important to understand that not all staging and property styling companies are the same. Some, like Allure Property Styling, have their own dedicated warehouses full of different styles of furniture, décor and artworks, whilst others, hire from other companies. This can impact the quality and range that a property stylist can offer your property.

Children's rooms are just as important in a slower market as you need the whole family to fall in love with the house.
The Allure Property Styling Intern Styling a Children's Bedroom

When homeowners are looking for a property stylist, it’s important for them to see samples of the stylist’s work – whether it’s on their website or their social media pages. Homeowners can also ask to see recently styled properties to ensure that the stylist pays attention to detail and is capable of working with a wide variety of homes and styles to suit.

Homeowners should ask their stylist about the size of their range, how often they update their range, and the quality of their furniture, art and décor. Reviews and recommendations from real estate agents are a great starting point for people who are looking to engage the services of a professional property stylist for the first time.

Homeowners only get one chance at making a good first impression with a potential buyer, so they need to make it count. The cheapest option is not always the best option, and the most expensive option does not always yield the best results. So, homeowners should shop around until they find a property stylist that they have a great rapport with.

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